Margaret River / Aug 23 – 26 2024

Winter Wellness Retreat for creativity, connection & inspiration Aug 23 - 26

Join us for the Winter Wellness Grounding Health & Creative Retreat, a perfect winter reset to relax, remember, and reconnect. Over the weekend, immerse yourself in a variety of enriching activities including daily yoga and wellness workshops, breathwork sessions, journaling, live acoustic night with nibbles and sisterhood circles. Receive workshops inspired by wellness, philosophy and self love to realign with your deepest soul values over these months of internal reflections. 
Connect to the beautiful land of Margaret River with ceremonies to bring you to the present moment and open the heart. Unleash your creativity in our feminine writing workshop and enjoy a weekend of self discovery. Nourish your body with wholesome meals as you embark on this journey of self-awareness and self-love. Experience new sisterhood, ultimate relaxation, and emerge renewed for the spring season.


Unleash your creativity with workshops designed to help you embrace your feminine energy


Daily Yoga, Movement, Breathwork & Meditation Practices


Transformational Workshops to drop into your true purpose

Nourishing Meals

Gluten Free & Vegan Catering to nourish your body


Connect with the rich land and the beauty of Margaret River

​What is included?

4 Days, 3 Nights accommodation at Retreat Space - Shambala
2 x 3hr Gypsea Co Signature Transformational Workshops run by our trained facilitators
Sacred Circles & Awareness Connections
Wellness and Philosophy Talks
Wholesome Vegan and Gf Catered Meals
Self Love and Somatic Awareness Worksop
Daily Yoga, Mobility & Vinyasa/Restorative Flows
Breathwork - Pranayama Practices
Creative Writing Workshop
Nature Walks & Cold Water Ocean Dip
Rejuvenating Sauna & recovery Session
Paint & Sip at a Winery
Acoustic Live Music and Creativity
Free time to explore the sacred land of Shambala
Sisterhood connections with like-minded women
Explore new versions of yourself as we guide you into your highest energy

​What is not included?

Transport to Margaret River
Transport outside of group activities

Ground and Reflect as we emerge into Spring..

Imagine waking up in a warm, holistic retreat space, surrounded by like-minded sisters, with the warmth of a crackling fire. You walk downstairs to have a cup of tea, then head to the serene shala nestled among the marri and jarrah forest for our collective morning movement practice. You will feel open, connected to your body and aligned with what makes you alive and free.

We then gather at a beautiful long table for a nourishing breakfast, sharing conversations that makes you feel inspired. We walk out into nature, enjoying the property’s stunning landscape, trees and the native birds. Our day is filled with wellness recovery sessions, journaling, self-love practices, creative activities, nourishing meals to make you feel grounded in your body.

As the night falls, we come together for a wholesome dinner, meditation and reflections to deeply restore our mind and body. You will rest into the night with this reconnections within yourself, a remembrance of what makes you feel centered and balanced, taking this home with you as you emerge into the new season of Spring.


Hosts of your Retreat

Facilitators of Gypsea Co Winter Wellness Retreat - Margaret River
Gypsie Thomas

Gypsie Thomas

Facilitator - Co Founder of Gypsea Co

The journey of living and traveling around the world has been Gypsie’s greatest teacher, and it’s from this wealth of experiences that she has honed the art of guiding others in the present moment & finding their unique beauty.

As a teacher, her purpose is to share this wisdom gained from a global tapestry of adventures & studies. The lessons learned from different corners of the world serve as a foundation for helping others embrace the beauty of the present, teaching mindfulness, and encouraging a connection to themselves & the present moment.

With a background in Marine tourism, Wellness & Yoga Gypsie stands as a teacher for bridging and connecting you to both worlds. 

She not only helps people connect with their mind & body but also intertwines that connection with the ocean & nature. With a passion for teaching self love & creating abundance of happiness in your life she will help guide you to your true self & the present moment for the most abundant life experience.


Iona Buntain

Facilitator - of Gypsea Co

Iona’s passion is to create spaces that invite in safety, wonder, play, connection and self-devotion. Her mission, to teach in a way that nurtures, protects and supports women into believing that they are the central authority of their own experience.

Having journeyed through mental health crisis through her younger years, while doing “all the right things” she encourages women to feel into what teachings deeply resonate with them and to build their own personal ‘life toolbox’.

Iona has been teaching using the modality of yoga for 7 years, recently intertwining ayurveda, cyclical living, feminine/ masculine energetics, womens self care, creative writing and nervous system regulation. 

She hopes to inspire women to discover a deeper sense of self, gratitude, and fulfilment. Ultimately, cultivating love within, so we can then see the world inside, and around us, through a loving lens.

The Accommodation


Shambala is a 118-acre farm property with 50 acres of natural bush, adjoining the State Forest, 15 minutes drive from Margaret River. This beautiful farm is set in some of the best vineyards in the world and surrounded by natural Australian bush with wildflowers and many varieties of Australian birds. 

Is this retreat for you?

This retreat is for you if you seek a mid-year indulgence to rejuvenate, learn, create, and connect with like-minded women. You will leave feeling revitalised and inspired in your health, wellness, and soul.

Winter Wellness Retreat
Margaret River

4 Days, 3 Nights 


Payment Plans Available – Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly

Getting There

By Air:
Fly into Busselton or Perth & make your way down to Margaret River
By Car (or Car Pool):
It's a beautiful drive to Margaret River, once you secure your spot we will add you to our group message with all the sisters that are coming to organise car pooling for the weekend.
There are buses with South West Coach lines from Perth to Margaret River Town