HELLO BEAUTIFUL! We are behind Gypsea Co

Gypsie & Rina

Gypsea Co is a Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreat based in Australia & Indonesia since 2021. The business is founded by 2 empowering women who share a powerful passion for bringing women together to create a safe space and dedicate time to disconnect from the daily grind to reconnect with themselves and other like-minded women.

The founders are Gypsie & Rina;

Gypsie Thomas has a Marine Tourism, Photography, Health, Fitness, and Surf Instructor background. She loves to be surrounded by the ocean, and beautiful nature and is always inspired to experience and understand the precious moments of life.

Rina Schulte holds tertiary degrees in Exercise & Sports Science, International Business, and Secondary Education and teaches reformer pilates, surfing, and yoga. She loves to meet like-minded women and connect deeply with Mother Nature under the sun.

Their friendship blossomed in 2021 when they spent 2 weeks together helping out on a private charter boat to surf, spear, and free-dive on a once-in-a-lifetime sailing experience to Scott’s Reef off Broome, WA. They found themselves having the same passion, point of view of life, surfing, yoga, peaceful mindfulness, and wanting to create a women’s community together.

Back in Exmouth, they spent weeks re-aligning their ideas to create Exmouth’s first Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreat. Their desires blossomed to provide women with opportunities to recharge the body, mind, and soul with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.

With their confidence and knowledge, Gypsea Co was born and has been helping 76 women connect with their inner souls and nature and inspire them to change their lives through unique experiences.

Gypsea Co has expanded to a whole new level, very soon we will be launching our very own Surf Suits, designed with sustainable fabric to make you feel comfortable and sexy. We also have a new team member Phily from the land of gods, Bali! Here is a little about her:

Phily Jen is always passionate, eager to learn, and loves to be surrounded by open-minded and empowering women. She helps and supports Gypsea Co to expand by building the foundation of the business, Phily holds a Journalism and Broadcasting Degree. She helps with designing, developing, improving, extending, and assisting while the business operates around the world. She likes to read, be creative, be positive, participate in volunteering activities, travel, language and culture exchange.

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Hope to meet you soon


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