The Water Women


A series of inspiring women in the surf & wellbeing space

Meet Frances, the author and founder of Fern Magazine


We will be releasing articles throughout the winter season as part of our series ‘The Water Women’ – about women who are leaving their impact, making noise in the surf and the wellbeing space. But before we launch into our first article with Brydie Watson, we want to introduce the beautiful soul and story teller who has allowed for each one of the inspiring women to tell their stories.

The curator of Fern Mag, Frances Borg is a creative, photographer and a writer who’s work is lead by curiosity. Now showing all those who chase the life of adventure and dreams that it can all be so possible.


With 5 issues of Fern Mag released, it is now turning digital to reach a wide audience of inquisitive and travel chasing souls. If you have not read Frances’ work, do yourself a favour and subscribe to her platform.

Being part of the generation paving the way for a new future where location and financial freedom are intertwined, often we can get lost grappling at our why when it can be a challenge. Frances words have been inspiring us and so many others to chase their version of a bigger life and know that whatever that is – it is possible and will unfold beyond your dreams. So who is a better person to dive deeper into inspiring females in the surf and wellbeing space through ‘The Water Women’ series than Frances Borg.


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