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Our Ocean School - Mentawai, Indonesia

At Gypsea Co, we value building a community and giving back to those that need support. Our vision has always been to team up with a non-for profit organisation that we know personally to create a deep connection with support their mission.

Co-founder, Gypsie has actively participated in various volunteer projects, collaborating with non-for profit organisations in surfing, english teaching in remote communities, and supporting children’s education globally. Having a deep connection with Indonesia since childhood, Gypsie has been living and travelling to many areas extensively over the past few years. The tropical Indonesian islands hold a special place in Gypsie’s heart, and has seamlessly become a cornerstone of Gypsea Co’s values. Our first International Gypsea Co retreat unfolded in Bingin, Bali and we felt a profound sense of connection to develop a deeper connection in Indonesia.

In 2023, Gypsie ventured to the Mentawai Islands twice. On the first visit, she worked at a surf resort teaching the owners’ kids English. Another trip was dedicated to visiting a friend who now runs the non-for-profit organisation “Our Ocean School” in Mentawai.

This personal connection and shared commitment to giving back inspired Gypsea Co to collaborate with Our Ocean School. Part of the profits from our retreats are shared towards supporting the communities in Mentawai, increasing opportunities for resources and gaining access to more education.

The aim is for Gypsea Co’s profits to serve as a means of supporting the ongoing funding and operations of the school in the Mentawai region. This includes sustaining the school’s functionality, covering wages for Indonesian staff, addressing building costs, and providing essential resources for children such as surfing and snorkelling equipment. Our commitment extends to ensuring the continuity of the school’s activities, fostering education, and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Our Ocean School, is a school located in the Mentawai run by Janiece Walker (Australian young women & friend) in partnership with the local community. Her mission is to enhance English language skills and employability through educational programs focused on eco-tourism.

Her goal is to empower communities and build local capacity for sustainable education and employment. We advocate for universal education and wellbeing, fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders to promote lasting behavioural change and development.

The programs include English language, swimming, surfing, lifesaving, and first aid training, vital for Mentawai’s renowned surfing tourism destination.

From the founder & friend of Gypsie:

Janiece Walker

Founder - Our Ocean School Janiece
As a non-for profit led by women, we dreamt of making a positive impact in our local community. We believe that if we focus on education, it can really help our community contribute to the fast-growing surf tourism industry around us. Our story is about being dedicated, including everyone, and strongly believing that education is the key to making good things happen! As we start on this journey of change, our promise to support and help people grow stays strong. We’re moving toward a future where everyone in our community has the chance to have equal opportunities and education accessibility. We hope this will empower individuals to acquire skills that enhance their employability and contribute to the growth of the surf tourism industry, as well as increase household incomes.
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