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Gypsea Co.

Our Story

Co – founders, Rina & Gypsie met in 2021 in Exmouth, WA both moving through a quarter life crisis you’d say.. We both had lost purpose and was in transitions within work and relationships.

We recognised that we equally shared a powerful passion towards bringing women together. We both love to surf, be in nature and wanted to support women feel this sense of bliss that we experience every time we were doing what we love.

We combined our strengths together to start Gypsea Co – WA’s first Women’s Retreats in Exmouth in the Summer 2021. Our vision was to create a safe space for you to disconnect from the daily grind and to connect deeply to yourself. Our first retreat in March 2022 was immediately sold out.. to now have expanded into 3 locations, facilitated over 200 women and continuing to grow everyday!

At Gypsea Co, we embrace three guiding principles: mindfulness & movement, connection & growth and nature & environment. These pillars shape every aspect of our business and reflect our commitment to creating a holistic, conscious, and enriching experience for all.


​We are a community inspiring and empowering women.


We encourage women to connect to nature, themselves & others through unique experiences.


Mindfulness & Movement:
We believe in the transformative power of mindfulness and movement to cultivate presence, awareness, and inner balance. Through the practices of yoga, surfing, and other mindful activities, we invite our community to connect with their bodies, minds, and spirits in profound ways.
Connection & Growth:
At the heart of Gypsea Co is a deep commitment to fostering meaningful connections and supporting personal growth and development. We believe that true fulfilment comes from nurturing relationships – with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us. Through our retreats, we provide a supportive and inclusive space where individuals can come together, share experiences, and support each other on their journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.
Nature & Environment:
We recognise the profound interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world. We are dedicated to reducing our footprint and preserving the beauty and vitality of our oceans and landscapes.

Meet Our Team

Gypsie Thomas

Gypsie Thomas

The journey of living and traveling around the world has been her greatest teacher, and it’s from this wealth of experiences that Gypsie has honed the art of guiding others in the present moment.

As a teacher, Gypsie’s purpose is to share this wisdom gained from a global tapestry of adventures & studies. The lessons learned from different corners of the world serve as a foundation for helping others embrace the beauty of the present, teaching mindfulness, and encouraging a connection with the current moment. 

With a background in Marine tourism, Wellness & Yoga Gypsie stands as a teacher for bridging and connecting you to both worlds. 

She not only helps people connect with their mind & body but also intertwines that connection with the ocean & nature. Whether guiding underwater adventures among marine life, Surf coaching in the natural elements, or leading transformational experiences on the mat. This connection with nature becomes the path in which she brings you to your true self & purpose in your journey.

In this role as a teacher now, Gypsie aims to inspire a mindset that appreciates the unfolding present as the ultimate classroom for growth and self-discovery.


Rina Schulte

Rina has a huge passion for bringing like-minded women together and connecting deeply with Mother Nature. Her mission is to support you become more in touch with your feminine essence through embodiment practices to come home to your beloved body.

Her extensive knowledge in health and wellbeing together with over 6 years of facilitation within her own events & workshops, she creates a safe and nourishing space for you connect deeper to your body and heart, where your true wisdom lies.

She has been studying the wisdoms of Tantra and Tao Sexual Arts, to embrace the sacred union that takes place between our mind and body, masculine and feminine to embody our true nature of who we are.

She holds tertiary degrees in Exercise & Sports Science, International Business, and Secondary Education, and teaches reformer pilates, surfing, and yoga.

She offers 1 on 1 Mentorship to deepen your connection to the feminine. If you’d like to connect, please fill out your inquiry here

Molly Oli

Molly Oli

Molly specialises in using Manifestation, Visualisation and guiding you to understand how your subconscious patterned beliefs are self sabotaging you from living out your highest timeline, to transform trauma into your dream life.

Studying naturopathy + dietetics has allowed Molly to understand getting to the root cause to allow you to flourish. She is a keen Surf Photographer capturing each moment and turning them into magic. 

You will also find her Surf Coaching beginners to intermediates as her surf journey also began in her 20’s and has a deep passion for making women feel empowered and confident in and out of the water.

Iona Buntain

Iona has always felt strongly toward supporting others to feel good!

She has been a certified yoga instructor for 6 years and has completed various yoga certifications.

We have a wide array of tools we can use to support ourselves, but Mother Nature has been the biggest pillar of strength for her by far, she hopes to inspire others by always teaching from a place of experience, openness, curiosity and of course playfulness!
Iona Buntain