2022 Our first YEAR

WOW, We have had a lot happen this year! If you have been following us since the birth of this retreat, we have expanded rapidly over 9 months.

This year we have held 10 retreats with over 100 women from all around the world. Our retreats have completely transformed their lives, some have created a new life by getting out of their comfort zone, leaving a job that no longer serves them, or stepping into a new community.

This year, we transformed from Gypsea Retreats to Gypsea Co, which provides us an opportunity to become more than just retreats. We have now added merchandise, 4-day & 1-day retreats, and are in the process of designing sustainable surfwear.

Gypsie and Rina have become ambassadors for Rusty Women’s, the biggest leading WA surf brand. The Rusty Team has also supported our small business by co-creating a Water Women graphic design for our Gypsea Merchandise; T-shirts, caps, and stickers. We are so grateful for their ongoing contributions and collaborations to bring ideas to life!

For our first year of business, we have already expanded to 2 locations; Exmouth and Yallingup for our 4-day retreats, and we held a 1-day retreat in Perth this month.

The business has expanded so quickly this year, that Gypsie and Rina desired another team member to support the foundation of the business. Whilst in Bali, we were fortunate to connect with Phily Jen, our Virtual Business Assistant, operating from Bali, Indonesia. Her input to the business has been nothing short of amazing, keep tuned as we will soon be hiring more frother facilitators.

Gypsea 2023 – What’s Next?

We are going, GLOBAL baby!!!!
2023 April & May we are holding 2 retreats in Bingin Bali Indonesia, and in October & November, we are going to Lombok. On the horizon we have Mentawai being planned, this will be for our intermediate girls looking to be challenged on the reef breaks.

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